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For global retailers, buying wholesale from China is an irresistible opportunity that drives down costs. But what are the national and local repercussions of buying wholesale from China? For many towns the effects are visible: abandoned mom and pop stores and desolate malls. But the blame cannot just rest on the products purchased wholesale from China. It is the overwhelming success of the global retail companies that have caused such devastating ripples on local economies.

To amend this affect, a production revolution needs to take place in America. Local goods need to be produced with local raw materials that are reduced in cost. If this is not done then it will never make financial sense for a company to buy locally and they will instead continue to buy wholesale from China.

If you are an emerging business looking to buy wholesale from China to keep up with the competition, you need to be aware of a few things. Firstly, the business practices of the Chinese are very unlike those of the west. Business is based around relationships, trust and "Guanxi". When buying from China you also need to be aware of the business etiquette. If you are unsure, it is invaluable to hire somebody to inform you of the etiquette in an advisory capacity or transact the business on your behalf.