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If you are looking to sell to or buy from China, it is essential that you are aware of the code of ethics and etiquette. If you do not, you run the risk of offending your business associates and minimizing the chances of an ongoing business relationship.

To safely buy from China, you should hire the services of somebody how is knowledgeable on the ethics and etiquette of China. You could hire them in an advisory capacity or to actually conduct the business for you. This will ensure that your relationship has begun strongly. Business in China is completely revolved around relationships. It is sometimes referred to as the "I know where you live" transaction. They want to get to know everything about your personality, your morals and your ethics, both business and personal. The more they learn and respect about you the stronger your business bond will become and your long-term relationship will be firmly established.

When you successfully buy from China on a multitude of occasions you will notice that the Chinese way of business is based on loyalty. This is great news of the honest business people among us. It will mean that we will not get undercut or that business connections will be severed.