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China BusinessChina is a huge global power, second only to the U.S. and it is predicted that it could very well become the world's largest economy as soon as 2020. In China, business is different to that in Europe and America in very distinct ways. If you are unaware of the business practices of the Chinese, then this website will serve as an overview to their culture, business ethics and etiquette as well as alerting you to the common misconceptions uniformed business people have about the Chinese.

The rapid rise of productivity in the Chinese economy has been negatively reflected by the phrase "Made in China". For many, this term is representative of low quality imitation toys that break after a few minutes and factory workers who labor for a pittance. The western media did nothing to try and dissuade this public opinion. But this preconception is both outdated and incorrect. China has some of the most efficient, impeccably run factories in the world and leads the way in technology development and communications.

China: the business relationship
In America, business is defined by transactions. Deals are drawn up, signed and very little interpersonal relationship is formed. Transactions and contracts are the building blocks for relationships in western business. In China, business is defined differently. Business is orientated around relationships. The Chinese will only do business with people they respect and they need to be assured that this respect is mutual.

Our capitalism is impersonal. When money is lost it is "other people's money". If mistakes are made, there is no mutual re-arrangement. When an emerging company goes under, there is no face to this company, only a name, so there is no feeling of relationship or loss of a respected businessperson.

China: America's business misconceptions
It is a common misconception among American businesses that China needs what they have. While this may have been true a decade ago, this is no longer true. China can deal with the French, the Japanese, the British, not to mention the other 30,000 companies in China that are already doing something very similar to you. In America, a company may be dealing with a couple of hundred competitors. In China, the competition is global and in the thousands.

China: personal and constant business communication
For the Chinese businessman, there is no separation between their professional and personal life. This again is all about relationship development. It is not considered bad manners in China to call up at any time of the day or night to discuss matters of business. This is important to understand for an emerging business new to the Chinese market. You and your company will need to be fully available around the clock.

You should also be inclusive. The more involvement you can give your Chinese associates, the stronger your business relationship will be. This could mean involving them in product development or assisting in the finance of raw materials. This partnership will build a bond that is essential for successful international business in China.